Bringing hope to the children and teens

Construyendo Sueños (“Building Dreams”) is a ministry that works to rescue the children and teens who live in physical and spiritual poverty. We come into their own context, offering food, counsel, and programs that permit them to not only supply their basic needs, but also help them to develop their abilities to benefit their family and community.

The situation of the children and teens in Iquitos

In Iquitos, 70% of the population live in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty. Many children do not live with their parents and have to go out to work on the streets to sell fruit, watch motorcycles, and do other similar activities. This creates a situation in which their education level is very low and the possibilities for bettering their future be very limited.

The largest part of the city’s economy depends on tourism. Sadly, this has developed a night life which promotes child sexual tourism.

Many young people have few possibilities to access higher education, and therefore have little possibility to better their situation. Many are parents before they reach 20, and they repeat the same story that their parents lived.

What do we do?

Construyendo Sueños works to impact three neighborhoods in the city: Putumayo (an area annually flood by the river), San Juan (the biggest district in Iquitos), and Rumococha (a community on the outskirts of the city).

Each week we meet with more than 250 children in these three locations. We teach them, build friendships with them, and tutor them. Through our friendship with them we seek to reach their hearts and guide them in how to confront their life challenges. Every Saturday morning we have children’s Bible classes and give them lunch.

We reach out to teenagers through the arts (music, dance, and drama) and we develop in them values and faith in God.

Anual Events.

Teen Camp: The teen camp is held outside of the city for around 50 youth during the July school break. In middle of the camp’s youthful environment we strengthen our relationship with the teens, and their relationship with God. We also give them opportunities and encourage them to grow in their servant leadership.

Children’s Camp: For three days in December, we gather more than 200 children to have fun activities and classes specially designed for them.

Christmas Celebration: With help and donations we give more than 250 children a beautiful Christmas celebration. We give each child a gift and we share with them the traditional Peruvian Christmas fruit bread (called paneton) and hot chocolate. For many of them, it is the only Christmas gift they will receive.

How can I help?

- Giving a donation.

- Coming by yourself or with a team to help with one of our projects.

- Talking with others about our ministry.

- Including Construyendo Sueños in your daily prayers.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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